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Conrad's Transportation and Historical Museum

Conrad's Transportation and Historical Museum
402 South Virginia Street

The building and site began as a brickyard in 1906.  It became an auto dealership in the 20's and remained such for 70 years.  The building has been resorted, and has many of its original attractive features. It is also ADA compliant.  The Museum has been a vision of the Pondera History Association members for over 40 years.  Thanks to hard work by our members and great public support, it is now a reality.  Our transportation display starts with a 1904 horseless carriage and evolves into a collection of up to ten cars of various makes and vintages.  This display changes from time to time so you might see different cars or means of transportation each time you visit.  This exhibit is only the beginning of a wonderful trip down memory lane we hope you will all enjoy.

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