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Museum of the Upper Missouri

Museum of the Upper Missouri
20th Street

“Tales of the Upper Missouri”

Explore the history and legends of the Upper Missouri River and its head of navigation, Fort Benton, Montana.

During the steamboat era, Fort Benton evolved from a fur trade post, to a wild lawless river port full of “scamps and scoundrels” and finally into a sophisticated city of merchant princes, bankers, successful businessmen and cattlemen.

Displays guide you through the eras of exploration, the time of fur posts and military posts, and into the “golden age” of Fort Benton.

Wagons rolled in all directions from the Fort Benton levee, carrying people and supplies to the northwestern U.S. and western Canada.

The Whoop-Up Trail, Mullan Road and other important routes are featured in major displays.

Additional displays focus upon historical characters, places, and events along the Upper Missouri and in Fort Benton.

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