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The Amusement Park Drive-In

7335 Mossmain Lane

The amusement park drive-in screen, marquee, and sign are from the old park drive-in from Cody, Wyoming. (which opened in 1946 and ran thru 2003).  We tore down the wooden screen towers, marquee, and sign and hauled all to billings.  We re-built the screen and built the rest of the drive-in during 2004 and 2005 and opened in July of 2005.

Showing movies on both sides of the screen is our own concept.  The front projection booth is a 1909 wooden caboose that i have owned for 20 years. My friend and projectionist, charles caron and i have moved it 4 times thru the years.  My wife would bring it up whenever we had a disagreement "we have a caboose".  So you can see why i had to use it!  The back projection booth is a 1938 circus truck that i bought out of the billings gazette for $300.00 and rebuilt in our shop.  We like to do things that make us different and unique.

Our amusement park consists of several rides we used on the carnival and we are working on adding more this summer.  We are also the only drive-in with a roller coaster that goes all the way around our screen!!

This drive-in has been a labor of love for my family and friends so that your family can enjoy a true american family experience!!

We will see you "at the movies under the stars"

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