The 8 Best Wine Bars in Montana!

The crafting of quality alcohol has long been a Montana mainstay. When it comes to high-quality wine bars, there is no exception. With its wine bars serving up both local and international options that you may not have heard about, Montana is an under-the-radar mecca. Here are the 10 best wine bars to get a taste! 

1. Corx, Bozeman, MT

The Gallatin River Valley is a garden-spot in an otherwise stereotypically tundra’d landscape. And this otherwise dryness has since necessitated a lucrative recreational-culinary industry. Due to the state’s regular absence of decent watering holes, a primo wine joint the ideal remedy. Spawned from owners experienced in brewery and restaurants, owners realized a dearth of wineries. An attention to detail and an admirable complementary apps menu (cheeses and charcuterie abound) makes this watering hole simply more. 

2. Feast Bistro, Bozeman, MT

The food here is stellar. Fresh, professionally prepared and respected-for. So, it only follows, that from such professional execution, comes some damn good wine. That focus on quality and steadfast, borderline-neurotic detail manifests itself on the plate as a properly-seasoned, technically-precise and creatively-manipulated dish. The wine here is only as good as its experts: and that means damn good. 

3. Plonk, Bozeman and Missoula, MT

The top-notch staff, and an attention to detail that can sate the demands of a millennial populace, will easily squelch any inklings of doubt. The modern and contagiously-offered wines are addictive: both for their quality and the servers’ shared vino enthusiasm. 

4. James Bar, Missoula, MT

The “no-frills” moniker is happily embraced here. But that doesn’t mean sub-par drinks or wine: it simply means no pretentiousness, maximum approachability and certainly no fancy garnishes. James’ please is unassumingly but equally impressive (via its wine).

5. Cafe Fresco, Bozeman, MT

The wine is certainly bolstered by the apps menu: what good glass of wine doesn’t deserve a comparable app? The Fresco menu is classic Italian: simplicity, chile flake and EVOO. And that seem just about right. A wine is only as good as its surroundings, and great food makes a perfect backdrop. q

6. Bin 119, Billings, MT

“The bar stays open after dinner.” That’s the key here. The food and beverage menu is solid. But the notable asset is paring of mouthwatering apps with decent vino. The salty and savory melt away into pleasantly sharp, admirably characteristic, varietals. The casual tapas and apps menu makes for an approachable, but necessarily posh, evening out. Go Bin. 

7. Park 217, Butte, MT

This Butte-upscale joint is delicious and focused. A great beer and food menu bolsters this former-mining town’s successful stab at casual cuisine and world-renowned wine. From sparkling, rose and cab to pinot gris, chardonnay and prosecco, Park 217 is an epitomic melding of approachable and wine-classy.

8. Simply Wine, Billings, MT

Simply is an ideal outlet for those classic and delicious, bottles of vino. For bulk, party purchases, and other large-scale endeavors, this oasis is the depot for libation. Decent prices for good vintages mean a worthwhile stop for that happy median between satisfaction and inebriation. 

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